Author: Steve Leigh

ESG Report Front Cover

50 Shades of Greenwashing Research Report: How to create effective ESG communications

Companies are increasingly being challenged for greenwashing. Accusations of greenwashing, sportswashing and corporate virtue signalling are on the rise. Collectively, the global profile for these terms has increased 46% over the last year, with media mentions up by 68% over the same period.  While this might lead some organisations to seek to avoid ESG communications…

Data Literacy in PR

PRCA Data Literacy In Public Relations report – A guide to using data to inform strategy and decision making 

The report, featuring contributions from a range of industry experts, explores the use of data in public relations and ways it can be used to inform strategy, decision-making, creativity, content, execution, and measurement.

Building reputation for REDD+ and Jurisdictional REDD+

World Economic Forum partners with Sensu Insight to track reputation of JREDD+ initiatives

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has partnered with Sensu Insight to release a report into how jurisdictional REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) schemes are viewed globally by the public and key stakeholders. The report is part of a wider initiative to increase uptake of jurisdictional approaches to reducing deforestation and preserving natural environments. Its findings benchmark the…

Public opinion polls and surveys

Opinion Poll / Surveys: Your Chance to Take the Public Mood

How often have you wanted to ask a question through a public opinion poll or survey? Whether to settle an argument, satisfy your curiosity or simply because you NEED to know? Well, now’s your chance. The SensuSurveySays mission is to provide the answers to the BIG, BIG questions. Submit your suggestions here. We’ll pick our…

Brand Research of Premier League

Brand Research: Supporter Data Shows FA Cup’s Global Reach

Global brand research shows how English football transcends borders, with an impressive following in countries across the world. When Chelsea and Liverpool take to the pitch for this year’s FA Cup final, they will be watched by a global audience of up to 500 million fans, demonstrating the international pulling power of top Premier League…

Impact on Business Reputation of War in Ukraine

Ukraine: Swift Business Response Boosts Reputation

Reputation Tracking Shows Uplift for McDonald’s, Mastercard and Coca-Cola The war in Ukraine sparked the largest state boycott by businesses and consumers since apartheid era South Africa. What made it even more remarkable was the speed of response within heavily globalised sectors and interwoven economies. Pressure on business leaders to react to public outrage, and…

Share of Voice in Digital Markets

What is Share of Voice? How Does it Relate to PR Measurement and Evaluation?

Share of voice (SOV) is a term used by those measuring a brand’s profile. It determines the extent to which it is visible within a market. Traditionally it has referred to a brand’s share of the paid advertising in its marketplace. However, growing access to digital data allows Share of Voice to be applied to…

Share of Search

Share of Search and Beyond: A Guide to Harnessing Digital Measurement

Our first project as one of the founding members of the PRCA Innovation Forum has been to collaborate on a guide to the growth of digital metrics for the measurement and evaluation of PR and marketing campaigns. The resulting report, ‘Beyond Share of Search’, is a valuable introduction to the topic and its basic principles.…

Ability to Influence

Ability to Influence: A New Way for PR to Rank Media Targets

PR media lists have traditionally cast a wide net. Seeking to reach out to as broad an audience as possible and build an impressively long list of hits. However, rather than spreading effort too thinly, new methods to assess the influence and impact of online media are allowing PRs to better refine and refocus their…