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Reputation Measurement: Balancing Identity and Image for Stronger Business Branding

When developing corporate strategy, it’s essential for organisations that are aiming to elevate their brand reputation to understand the distinction between internal reputation (identity) and external reputation (image). The art of balancing these two facets plays a pivotal role in shaping an organisation’s overall reputation strength, ensuring that it’s steady and sustainable. In this blog…


What’s in a Name? The Power of Sensu

At Sensu, our name is much more than just a brand. It’s a reflection of the work we do and the values we hold. Derived from the Latin word “sensu,” which means “in the sense of,” our name represents our commitment to providing our clients with a true sense of what’s happening in their industries, markets, and audiences.


How brands can avoid accusations of rainbow washing this Pride month

Sensu Insight’s analysis of the term ‘rainbow washing’ in online content and conversations suggests that there has been a 13% rise in accusations of rainbow washing in the UK over the last year (22 June 2022 to 21 June 2023). Pride month is a flashpoint for accusations being levelled at brands, with 40% of all…


Are We Seeing a New Trend in “Greenslapping”?

Recently, the term “greenwashing” has become quite familiar. It refers to the practice of making exaggerated or false claims about the environmental benefits of a product or service. However, now there seems to be a new trend emerging – “greenslapping.” This term refers to a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) taken by companies against…


Revealing the Hidden Potential: Harnessing Reputation Due Diligence for Smart Investments

In the world of corporate investments, due diligence is a crucial step for assessing the viability and potential risks associated with acquiring or investing in a company. While financial and legal aspects are typically in focus, one critical factor often overlooked is reputation and integrity. At Sensu, we understand the significance of reputation in investment…


Sensu Insight wins big at the PRCA Dare Awards 2023

We did it! Sensu Insight is thrilled to announce our victory at the PRCA Dare Awards 2023, where we proudly took home the Best Use of Data and Analytics Award. This accolade recognises our fantastic work with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and reaffirms our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients.  How we…


Improve your business’ reputation on review sites with Sensu Insight

A look at how Sensu can help manage your online reputation on review sites Online review sites have become a critical part of modern-day consumer decision-making. Whether it’s Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, people are using review sites to make informed choices about where to spend their money. However, with this increased importance comes an increased…


Social listening tools: Finding the right balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness

As businesses, it is important to monitor brand reputation and keep track of customer sentiment towards your products or services. One way to achieve this is through social listening tools, which allow businesses to track and analyse mentions of their brand on social media platforms, news outlets, and other online sources. However, the reality of…


Measurement and evaluation in PR: Why it matters and how Sensu Insight can help

Public relations (PR) is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their audiences, build their reputation and achieve their objectives. However, in order to truly understand the impact of PR efforts, measurement and evaluation are key. Why is measurement and evaluation important in PR? Measuring and evaluating PR efforts helps businesses to understand what…