Brand Research

Our brand research services meet all needs, whatever your business sector or type of organisation.

We deliver brand insights that allow clients to achieve their objectives and make better decisions. Whether that’s by understanding levels of brand awareness or revealing how brands are perceived by key audiences through brand reputation monitoring.

We have a proven track record, working with many of the world’s leading companies and across all major industry sectors. Brands ranging from global leaders in retail, consumer technology and industry, to smaller start-ups, local markets and B2B market research.

We also work with not-for-profits seeking to understand how they are influencing stakeholders and changing behaviours. Topics we have covered include sustainability, modern day slavery, equality and diversity, conservation, energy saving and climate change.

Our approach allows us to select the most appropriate tools for each brief. Whether that’s global brand awareness research to establish brand profile across multiple territories, or a detailed analysis of brand reputation amongst targeted stakeholder groups.

We also carry out customer research and net promoter score services, to reveal current perceptions and areas to improve brand experience.

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A blend of traditional and modern brand research

We blend traditional market research with the latest digital tools and techniques, such as Share of Search, Share of Content and Share of Click. This helps brand owners to get a deeper understanding and appreciation of how brands are being seen and influencing behaviours.

This flexibility allows us to find the best solution to each brief and to address a wide variety of needs.

Our methods include:

Brand research questionnaires
Brand reputation monitoring
Net promoter score services
Customer research
Market research services
Share of Search analysis
Share of Content analysis
Share of Click analysis
B2B Market Research
Media intelligence and reporting
Competitor brand tracking

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Competitor brand research

Our services include competitor brand analysis, allowing you to benchmark against competitor brand awareness as well as competitor brand sentiment and satisfaction.

This can be carried out across multiple territories, products or customer types.

It provides a clear view of the reputation your brand holds relative to others in your markets.

This research can also show opportunities for growth, either by highlighting areas of weakness for competitors or by showing how higher levels of brand visibility or brand reputation can be achieved.

Influencer analysis shows how to make your voice heard

We are able to reveal which media, channels or influencers are shaping perceptions on brands or issues.

This allows you to build influencer maps, seeing where gaps exist in your current brand profile.

It also allows us to show your level of influence on topics or issues where you are seeking to be seen as an expert or influence behaviour.

This is often important for the brand profile of not-for-profit organisations, seeking to understand their relevance to audiences and how effectively not-for-profits are influencing behaviours and beliefs.

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