Brand Awareness Research


Our brand awareness research allows clients to understand how their brands are perceived by customers and stakeholders across their target markets.

We focus both on unprompted and prompted brand awareness, as well as examining the extent to which audiences truly understand brands. For example, brand association with specific products and services, as well as association with brand values and attributes.

By combining traditional research with new, digital techniques, we can also look at nature and importance of brand awareness. Including how it is influencing purchase and customer conversion.

Our tools allow us to track brand awareness across specific markets and topics. For example, to what extent is the brand seen as a leader on business-critical topics such as sustainability and innovation.

We track how brand awareness varies across territories and markets, as well how it is evolving over time.

All these insights can be benchmarked across competitors and other industry leaders to provide important context showing the likely impact of increased brand awareness on organisational objectives.

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Revealing the quality of brand awareness

Our approach goes deeper than simple brand recognition, looking into the quality and meaning of brand awareness.

For example, is the quality of brand awareness likely to support or hinder the brand’s objectives for future growth or customer loyalty?

We treat brand awareness as just one aspect of its reputation. By looking more deeply into the quality of that brand awareness, we guide future marketing and communications activity to develop better brands that have stronger relationships with their key audiences.

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Brand awareness that has real purpose

We view brand awareness within the context of the objectives to be achieved. For example, if the objective is to drive sales, we examine ‘purposeful’ brand awareness within the customer journey. Asking whether the brand is actively being considered or recommended by the most important influencers within each market.

The same analysis also provides a clear path for growing stronger brands. Looking at the gaps in a brand’s profile (and where its competitors are strong), allows us to set clear targets for building future profile.

For example, which media channels, product types, customer needs, topics are most likely to have a positive impact on the brand’s development in the future.

New ways to measure and track brand awareness

Emerging digital techniques provide interesting new ways to measure and track brand awareness.

We are pioneers in digital research methods such as share of search, share of content and share of click, giving clients a greater selection in how to measure the performance of their brands and the impact of brand building campaigns.

Our expert teams shine a light on these tools, advising where they are appropriate and useful for brand owners. Also, helping blend these with more established and traditional research methods. Avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes in applying digital analysis.

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