Brand Reputation Monitoring


Our approach is designed to give a complete and detailed understanding of brand reputation across all key audiences and stakeholders.

We use a detailed framework of reputation which covers the key factors shaping the extent to which brands are respected and admired. This can be applied across all target audiences, showing how reputation varies across each group and providing a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Our brand reputation reports are tailored to provide the insights of most use to each client, based on need and areas of interest.

These range from simple measures of awareness and understanding, to more detailed reports on each aspect of reputation performance.

We also provide analysis of brand reputation in terms of audience sentiment and emotion, allowing clients to see how audiences are reacting to key issues and reputation drivers.

Our brand reputation monitoring allows clients to benchmark past performance and then track how reputation evolves over time and in response to specific events and issues.

These brand reputation reports can be used as a regular ‘health-check’ to help shape future strategy and direction, or in response to specific reputation risks by tracking their impact and how they are influencing audience perceptions and behaviours.

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Understanding the issues shaping brand reputation

Our framework allows us to track the factors that have most influence on brand reputation.

These include general perceptions on the products and services involved, for example their effectiveness and usefulness, sustainability, innovation, current and future success. As well as the external factors shaping overall perceptions of the sector or customer priorities.

Such insights can be specific to key topics, such as brand performance on sustainability matters, or priority audiences.

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Tracking brand reputation risk

Brand reputation is valuable business asset. It is hard won, from consistent strong performance over many years, but can be vulnerable to damage.

As part of our brand reputation tracking, we carry out detailed risk analysis. This involves tracking association across a wide range of known or potential risks. We supplement this by tracking brand sentiment and emotion, seeking out areas where audiences are reacting negatively to the brand.

This allows us to monitor new and emerging risks to brand reputation, assessing their impact on the overall health of a brand and its relationship with customers and other influencers.

We provide clients with analysis of such risks and effective strategies to mitigate and reduce their exposure.

Due diligence for investors and shareholders

Our approach to brand reputation analysis provides valuable insight for those seeking to make substantial investments.

We provide due diligence reports for corporate investors seeking to better understand the value of reputation as an asset. Both in terms of potential risks, but also where there is untapped potential to grow the value of a brand.

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