Data Insights for Transformative Housing Solutions: Sensu Insight’s Partnership with World Habitat and Henbe

Data Insights for Transformative Housing Solutions: Sensu Insight’s Partnership with World Habitat and Henbe

At Sensu Insight, we are passionate about using data-driven insights to bring positive change to the world. Our recent collaboration with World Habitat, in partnership with PR consultancy Henbe, exemplifies our commitment to supporting organisations dedicated to creating better housing opportunities for those in need. In this blog, we will explore the valuable work we have undertaken with World Habitat and how our partnership with Henbe has empowered them to provide strategic advice to their clients with the backing of robust data.

Understanding World Habitat:

World Habitat is an independent charity that operates on a global scale, striving to bring the best housing solutions to those who need them the most. Recognised by the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, World Habitat has been instrumental in supporting the goals of UN-HABITAT since 2006. Their dedication to improving living conditions and promoting sustainable communities aligns perfectly with Sensu Insight’s mission.

Working with PR Consultancies like Henbe:

As a reputable PR consultancy, Henbe specialises in helping businesses promote their commitment to creating spaces that people desire to live in or buildings that are truly captivating. Sensu Insight partners with consultancies like Henbe to provide them with the data necessary to support their strategic advice to clients. Our collaboration enhances their ability to create breakthrough communication strategies that drive positive change.

Understanding Reputation – The Role of Sensu Insight:

At Sensu Insight, we recognise the pivotal role reputation plays in shaping stakeholder perception and influencing decision-making. We help organisations understand and manage their reputation through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Our approach involves conducting in-depth surveys and perception analyses to gain insights into how stakeholders perceive a brand’s reputation. By engaging with customers, staff, commercial partners, and the wider community, we gather valuable data that provides a comprehensive understanding of brand perception, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Through our reputation assessments, we assess emotional engagement with a brand and identify key factors that trigger positive or negative sentiments. This enables organisations to refine their messaging, improve customer experiences, and strengthen their overall brand identity.

Sensu Insight’s partnership with World Habitat:

In our collaboration with World Habitat, we worked closely with their team to understand their stakeholder perceptions, gauge how partners appreciate their support, and identify areas for strategic improvement. By leveraging our expertise in reputation research and Henbe’s in-depth understanding of the housing sector, we conducted a robust process that will help World Habitat’s leadership team plan strategically for the future.

The final report offered actionable recommendations and next steps, enabling World Habitat to align their charity’s strategy and communications approach effectively.

Louise Winterburn, Deputy Chief Executive of World Habitat, expressed her satisfaction with our collaboration, stating, “Sensu worked with us to help us understand our customer perceptions regarding brand reputation and how our partners appreciate our values. With their expertise in reputation research, they could quickly get under the skin of the task and provide a robust process that included both qualitative and quantitative data. The final report was insightful, with useful recommendations and next steps, and we are now utilising it to inform our charity’s strategy and communications approach.”

Sensu Insight’s partnership with World Habitat, in collaboration with Henbe, highlights our commitment to using data-driven insights to support organisations striving to create positive change. Our reputation research methodologies and strategic recommendations enable brands to make informed decisions, strengthen their positioning, and drive meaningful impact.

If you are seeking to understand and enhance your organisation’s reputation, we invite you to reach out to Sensu Insight. Together, we can unlock the power of data and drive transformative solutions that leave a lasting positive impact.

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