Employer Research

We work with employers seeking to improve the quality of their employer brand. Both with their existing workforce and potential employees.

Our employer brand reports are hugely beneficial, helping to dramatically reduce recruitment costs, staff churn and showing how best to improve staff morale and productivity.

For internal audiences, we use staff satisfaction surveys and internal reputation surveys to assess current perceptions and experience. The results can be viewed by age, gender, department, seniority, time with the organisation etc. to identify areas of strength and weakness and how these show up across the organisation.

Our external analysis of employer brand supports recruitment by revealing how the organisation is perceived by potential recruits.

This can focus in on specific roles or specialisms, such as the quality of your employer brand amongst IT professionals. It can also be used to reveal how you compare to equivalent organisations on issues such as levels of pay, business performance, leadership, management and as a place to work.

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Measuring core company values

Our work is designed around your core company values. Either helping define what these should be or understanding the extent to which the company adheres to its desired behaviours.

We also reveal the extent to which core company values are shaping your external employer brand. Are these visible to potential recruits and how are they being most effectively communicated?

This insight is valuable in shaping future communications about your company and its leadership.

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Demonstrating leadership in your sector and beyond

The profile of an organisation’s leaders is crucial to how it is perceived by current and potential employees.

We work with organisations to track and measure their leadership profile, analysing how they appear to others for the key attributes of effective leadership.

These can be benchmarked against a leader’s peers (e.g. from within the same company or sector) to provide context.

It can also look at a leader’s influence on chosen topics where they have sought to have impact, for example on sustainability issues or specific industry matters.

By using these profiles as starting point, we can advise on how best to build positive profile for leaders and leadership teams. As a result, helping to enhance an organisation’s employer brand.

Tracking employer reviews on job review sites

Job review sites, such as glassdoor.com, indeed.com and totaljobs.com, are increasingly influential on employer brand.

Tracking your profile across such sites is an important aspect of understanding how you are perceived as an employer.

We are able to provide regular insight into the impact of job review sites on potential recruits. We are also able to monitor themes and sentiment to show what they reveal about perceptions on issues such as pay, diversity, an organisation’s qualities as an employer.

These insights can be benchmarked against the employer brand of similar organisations or other major recruiters in your location.

Changes can be tracked over time to show the impact of efforts to improve employee satisfaction and the external employer brand.

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