Employer Brand Reports


Our employer brand reports enable businesses to improve rates of retention and reduce the costs of recruiting high quality staff.

We work with leadership teams to reveal how organisations are perceived as an employer and as a place to work. These insights are used to shape recruitment, HR, internal communications and wider company practices and policies.

Employer brand reports also show how the company appears to potential recruits, across key factors such as pay, management, leadership, job satisfaction and its desirability as a place to work.

By placing employer brand within the context of wider corporate reputation, we show the extent to which other factors (financial performance, quality of products and services, reputation risks) are having impact on employer brand.

Our unique research methods reveals how employer brand profile compares to that of rival employers, showing the extent to which a company is gaining impact for its profile and qualities as a place to develop a career.

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Highlighting employer brand for specific roles such as IT, senior leadership or graduates

We specialise in showing how employer brand relates to specific specialisms and key roles where quality recruitment is business critical.

For example, how an organisation’s employer brand supports its recruitment of vital technology roles. Especially where it is competing with organisations across a range of potential sectors.

These insights reveal how best to build communications campaigns to support employer brand for these strategically crucial roles.

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Benchmarking employer brand against competitors and sector averages

Our specialist research tools and access to a wide variety of survey panels, allow us to benchmark employer brand against equivalent employers and roles.

This enables clients to not only benchmark against previous performance, but also compare their organisation to employers competing for the same high quality employees.

Gaining such insight is key to gaining an advantage in the race for top talent.

Understanding what motivates new generations and the post-Covid workforce

We also work with clients to track what drives potential recruits, analysing what it is that younger generations (Gen Z, Millennials) want from their careers and expect from employers. Also tracking how attitudes to work continue to evolve in the post-pandemic economy and in response to trends such as the rise of homeworking.

By tracking these conversations and revealing trends for each sector, we keep employer brand communications relevant and responsive to people’s needs and desires.

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Evolving employer vision and values

Our approach also supports organisations seeking to establish a clear vision for their purpose and values which influence how its people behave and carry out their roles.

This includes audits of company values, showing the extent to which they are known and believed by key stakeholders (both internal and external). As well as working with senior leadership teams to define a new path.

This is often critical at key stages in a company’s development, for example post-merger, after major structural change or following reputation damaging events.

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