Market Research Services

Our market research services are bespoke to each client and provide data-driven insights that help improve decision making within your business.

We work with a wide range of clients (from leading retailers to international NGOs) who want to better understand the sector in which they operate.

These insights range from better understanding purchasing decision making (to help business growth or customer conversion) to tracking the factors shaping an organisation’s reputation and influence.

We specialise in bringing this data to life, helping tell the story of what’s happening within target markets and how perceptions are evolving over time.

Our tools also track competitor activity and profile, keeping you informed on market trends and developments. These insights can be vital in shaping communications strategies as well as keeping sales and product teams abreast of the latest news and activities.

Our market research services include:

Brand awareness and understanding
Competitor analysis and tracking
Analysis of customer reviews and forums
Market message testing
Market segmentation
Product development
Customer decision journey mapping
Pricing analysis

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Market Research – who is influencing your customers?

Our research techniques allow you to see who is having the most influence over customers within your markets.

This includes detailed media intelligence, showing the channels and issues that are shaping the customer journey and tracking how you are performing within these key areas.

By understanding your market’s key influencers, you can more effectively target your content and marketing messages, addressing the issues of most importance to potential customers.

We also use this data to create detailed media maps, showing which media influencers are most critical to your future success.

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Competitor benchmarking – how does market profile compare to your rivals?

Understanding how your brand is perceived relative to that of other providers is crucial.

Indicators of success, such as brand awareness and sentiment, are relative to the market in which you operate. Therefore, tracking these against competitors is the only way to truly understand their likely impact on perception and customer decision making.

We design market-wide measurement and evaluation frameworks that enable to track your brand performance within this wider context. Helping set meaningful measures for success as well as establishing best practice within the context of your target markets.

Multiple Markets – market research across multiple sectors and territories

We work with clients who operate across multiple product areas and international territories.

By building a consistent framework, we compare perception and performance across these multiple markets and provide individual strategies for success in each.

Such an approach helps unify reporting and brings a consistency of approach to market research.

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