B2B Market Research

Our specialist B2B market research services allow you to gain a detailed understanding of your specific customer’s needs and perceptions, improving your decision-making and increasing the impact of your sales, marketing and PR activity.

We work with you to design a research methodology that can best target your audience, no matter how large or small the audience you are seeking to reach.

Our projects extend to understanding the global trends within major B2B markets or, equally, focus in on understanding what is happening within small, niche sectors that are critical to your business success.

The toolbox of techniques and databases at our disposal, means that we are not limited to just one approach of targeting B2B audiences. This flexibility increases our ability to get the insights you need to better inform the next stage of your business’ growth and development.

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We have experience of working in a wide range of B2B markets, including:

Transport and Infrastructure
Health and Fitness
Digital and Telecoms
Logistics and Delivery Services
Banking, Finance and Insurance
Sustainability and Not-For-Profit
Strategic Business Consultancy
HR and Recruitment
Motor Industry
Legal and Professional Services
PR and Marketing

Reaching key B2B decision makers

Our research methods and databases allow us to reach specific decision makers within your target customers, increasing the value and validity of our insights.

We also employ innovative methods to encourage the participation of harder to reach audiences to give a fully rounded perspective.

This is supplemented by the latest techniques for analysing content and conversation within very specific B2B topics and markets. This allows us to show the issues and influencers shaping perceptions and customer journeys, as well as running comparative analysis across all key competitors within each market.

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Tracking perceptions of your expertise and influence

We work with organisations and their senior leadership teams to measure how effectively they are creating a perception of expertise and industry leadership across their target markets.

This is critical in B2B markets where business customers are seeking guidance and support across complex, business-critical issues.

Understanding your services from a customer perspective and the solutions they are seeking, is critical to gaining cut-through in target markets. Such insights allow you to develop customer-centric marketing that delivers higher profile and rates of conversion.

B2B research that leads to actionable insights

Our approach begins with understanding the organisational objectives you are seeking to achieve.

The reports we produce are designed to lead to actionable insights and support real-world decision making.

We work with clients to map out each stage of the research process. Often our work is used to create a benchmark against which we can track future impact and progress.

It is also crucial that we understand the internal audiences we are seeking to influence. Creating reports that are useful for all departments within our clients’ organisations.

We often provide detailed debriefs for the senior leadership team and heads of department, helping translate the findings into actions that apply across the organisation.

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