Customer Research

We work with clients to provide a better understanding of their customers, shaping services, products, quality of delivery and future business opportunities.

Our customer research is delivered through a blend of traditional research and the latest digital listening techniques.

The resulting customer research reports provide detailed analysis of both current and potential customers. We also reveal vital insight into competitors and the wider sector.

Working with this data we help clients create a plan for future success. Whether that is driving improvements in their current offering or showing more effective ways to reach and win new customers.

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Customer Surveys – understanding what customers think of your products and services

We provide surveys of current customers to establish user and buyer profiles, analyse satisfaction levels and show how organisations are perceived.

Our team works with you to design surveys that provide the necessary insights, with a view on the actions and decisions that need to be taken.

Using online surveys and customer interviews, we establish the experience and perceptions of current customers. These insights are used to track strengths and weaknesses and inform future need to development and investment.

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Winning New Customers – understanding potential customers and your sector

Helping organisations to better understand their potential customers and where they sit in perceptions of the sector, is key to developing successful new business strategies, PR and marketing plans.

We use a variety of techniques to show the personality traits and interests of potential customers, helping to form detailed customer profiles and media intelligence reports.

Our teams carry out surveys based on customer profiles, targeting very specific demographics based on factors including age, gender, region, income, buying habits, work responsibilities and life stage.

Sector analysis also shows where your organisation sits in comparison to your competitors, showing differences in brand awareness and understanding, customer satisfaction and quality of products and services.

Your Digital Footprint – tracking sentiment, emotion and commercial opportunities

We specialise in the analysis of digital content and profile, helping clients to understand how they are being seen and talked about by customers and influencers.

Tracking digital profile, especially for high conversion keywords and topics, can reveal new ways to grow your business and more effectively reach new customers. New measures such as share of search, share of content and share of click, provide valuable insights and ways to benchmark your performance.

Online content also provides valuable customer insight. For example, analysis of customer reviews and forums allow you to see the aspects of your products and service that both delight and disappoint customers. These also provide competitor insights, allowing you to benchmark current performance and see what issues most drive reputation and purchase in your sector.

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