Measurement and evaluation in PR: Why it matters and how Sensu Insight can help

Measurement and evaluation in PR: Why it matters and how Sensu Insight can help

Public relations (PR) is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their audiences, build their reputation and achieve their objectives. However, in order to truly understand the impact of PR efforts, measurement and evaluation are key.

Why is measurement and evaluation important in PR?

Measuring and evaluating PR efforts helps businesses to understand what is working and what is not, and to make data-driven decisions based on evidence, rather than intuition or guesswork.

By measuring and evaluating PR, businesses can:

  • Show the value of PR: Measuring the impact of PR can demonstrate the value that it brings to the business. This can be particularly important when it comes to securing budgets, resources and senior management buy-in.
  • Improve PR effectiveness: By measuring and evaluating PR, businesses can understand what is working well and what is not. This allows for adjustments to be made to improve effectiveness and achieve better results.
  • Prove ROI: By measuring the outcomes of PR activities, businesses can determine the return on investment (ROI) of PR. This can be particularly important for businesses that need to justify their PR spend to stakeholders.

What is the AMEC Framework?

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) has developed a framework for PR measurement and evaluation.

The framework includes seven steps:

  • Define objectives: Clearly define the objectives of PR activities, and what the business hopes to achieve.
  • Identify outputs: Identify the outputs of PR activities, such as press releases, media coverage, social media posts, and events.
  • Identify outcomes: Identify the outcomes of PR activities, such as changes in awareness, attitudes, behaviours, or business results.
  • Select metrics: Select metrics to measure the outputs and outcomes of PR activities.
  • Set targets: Set targets for the metrics, based on the objectives of PR activities.
  • Measure and analyse: Measure and analyse the metrics, and compare them to the targets set.
  • Report and improve: Report the results of the measurement and evaluation, and use the insights gained to improve future PR activities.

How can Sensu Insight support PR measurement and evaluation?

Sensu Insight can support PR measurement and evaluation in a number of ways:

  • Best-in-class tools: Sensu Insight combines traditional research (such as stakeholder surveys and interviews) with the latest digital tracking and insights, using a combination of leading research tools on the market and proprietary software. Sensu Insight specialises in both the commercial and reputational impact of communications.
  • Easy-to-follow reporting: Sensu Insight presents data through easy-to-follow, easy-to-share, interactive reports, providing a clear view of what’s really happening with audiences, brands, and sectors. Live dashboards and email alerts are also available if required.
  • Expert support and advice: Sensu Insight’s experienced team designs and delivers the research plan to suit clients’ exact needs, and guides clients on how to implement its findings to achieve their objectives, whether it’s improving perceptions, sales, or behaviours.
  • Award-winning methods: Sensu Insight’s work is award-winning, including five international AMEC Gold awards. Sensu Insight’s expert team are founding members of the PRCA Innovation Forum and have a reputation as industry leaders in measurement and evaluation.

Measurement and evaluation are crucial for businesses to understand the impact of their PR efforts, show their value, improve effectiveness, and determine ROI.

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