PR and Marketing Evaluation

We provide advanced PR and Marketing evaluation, showing the impact and influence of campaigns and how to achieve even greater return on investment.

Our belief is that the outcomes of all communications should be measurable in order to judge success and refine future campaigns.

This is true whether the desired outcome is commercial (increased leads, rates of conversion or sales) or for improved reputation (better awareness, improved brand understanding, increased trust or admiration).

We work with in-house teams and agencies to design measurement and evaluation frameworks based on industry best practice.

Our measurement and evaluation services can track the impact of PR or marketing. Providing regular evaluation reports that show progress against agreed objectives and KPIs.

Our unique set of tools reveal deeper insights to show the true impact of PR and marketing. Helping demonstrate the actual return on investment and value of this work.

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The value for in-house PR and Marketing teams

We help in-house PR and Marketing teams create a consistent approach to measurement and evaluation. This uses a framework aligned to your organisation’s main goals, showing the true purpose of your work.

It also helps with the management and assessment of external agency partners, providing an independent and impartial assessment of each campaign.

Our work helps to shape future PR and marketing briefs, highlighting what types of activity and outputs are most likely to have the desired impact for your organisation.

We assess the impact of PR and marketing on both commercial outcomes and reputation.

This allows you to see the bigger picture. Reporting the results of PR and marketing activity in the most relevant way to internal stakeholders. For example, showing how you have boosted sales or changed perceptions.

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Working with PR and marketing agencies

Our services help agencies build better and more effective relationships with their clients.

Effective measurement and evaluation of PR and marketing allows clients to see the true impact of your work. These measures go beyond basic reporting on reach and messaging to look at their true commercial value and impact on perceptions.

We can work on individual campaigns or help develop an agency-wide structure and approach.

These can be unique to your approach, giving your agency its own suite of measurement and evaluation tools.

We can also support teams at pitch stage to gain deeper understanding on your client’s needs and how they currently stand relative to competitors in that market.

Training on Measurement and Evaluation

We provide training courses for PR teams (both in-house and agency) on effective measurement and evaluation.

These sessions are designed around your needs and can cover:

Creating a framework for measurement and evaluation
How to measure the commercial value of PR
Measuring reputation and tracking the impact of PR
Understanding measurement and evaluation tools
How to report on the impact of PR campaigns
Using measurement and evaluation to shape future PR activity
Gaining media intelligence and understanding which have most impact for your brand or on your audiences

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