Campaign Evaluation Reports


Our campaign evaluation reports show detailed analysis of how effectively PR and marketing campaigns have met their objectives.

We track not only the extent to which campaigns were effectively executed, but also their wider outcomes and impacts. Whether those are designed to affect commercial outcomes, perceptions, behaviours or a combination of these.

Our unique research tools and techniques allow us to create pre-campaign benchmarks (in some cases even after the campaign has commenced or closed) and examine the resulting impact.

We are also able to place the impact of campaigns within the context of the overall market, product category or issue they are seeking to influence. Allowing us to compare the impact against competitor activity or that of other influencers.

Our teams specialise in campaign measurement designed at influencing reputation or changing behaviours, therefore helping show the impact of ethical, CSR and not-for-profit campaigns.

By including these ‘intangible’ effects, we show the full scope of a campaign’s impact. Bringing to life the extent to which it has changed brand perceptions or affected future behaviours.

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Breaking down each aspect of integrated campaigns

We work with clients to reveal the relative impact of different aspects of campaigns. Often campaigns will be a blend of owned, earned and paid media, we help assess the impact and influence of each. Even within each category, we can help to show the relative influence of specific channels.

This analysis is crucial to future planning, helping to continuously improve the marketing mix and justify each area of budget for future campaign planning.

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Tracking audience reach and impact for campaigns

Our reports can segment impact across priority target audiences. Either analysing by demographic, purchasing behaviours or life stage – whatever is required to demonstrate the targeted outcome.

We are also able to run evaluation based on areas of interest and motivations. For example, people seeking out specific information or products.

This added granularity is crucial to assessing the targeted impact of campaigns and the extent to which they are creating the intended outcomes.

Sentiment and emotional response to campaigns

Our unique research tools and techniques allow us to show the audience’s emotional response to campaigns.

Such analysis can reveal how people are responding to products and brands. It is also vital when running campaigns on emotive topics such as sustainability or health and wellbeing.

By using these tools we can examine the extent to which campaigns have struck a chord with their audiences. Also, the likely outcomes in terms of behaviours and change of perception.

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