Net Promoter Score Services


We provide clients with Net Promoter Score measurement allowing you to track customer experience and assess your current potential for future growth.

Net Promoter Score (or NPS) provides a simple metric that can be quickly and easily assessed. When viewed alongside revenue and customer retention rates, NPS can provide a valuable indicator of likely customer loyalty rates and predict how likely you are to meet growth targets.

We work with clients to gain high levels of uptake for NPS studies. We also gain NPS scores for competitors, helping to place client performance within the context of their market.

By combining Net Promoter Score with other areas of brand reputation analysis, we can develop this insight further, better understanding the areas where the organisation is delighting and disappointing its customers.

We also show the impact of these current customers’ views (both positive and negative) on potential customers, showing how these are supporting or limiting future growth potential.

Our reports go beyond simply reporting the scores being achieved, looking at how clients can make positive progress. Both in terms of organisational improvement and in developing a more positive brand profile to potential customers.

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The importance of sector benchmarks for NPS

Net Promoter Score is a valuable metric but needs to be understood within a sector context.

Rates of customer recommendation and satisfaction vary significantly across different sectors and reasons for purchasing. Therefore, understanding what signifies a ‘good’ score and its likely impact on future growth needs context.

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Analysis of NPS across customer types

Similarly, understanding how Net Promoter Score varies across customer types is vital to identifying areas of strength and weakness. Segmenting by product, service or channel for example, can reveal where improvements may have most impact.

There are also variances between regions and customer demographic that can provide useful context when it comes to benchmarking.

All of these can be lost in simple, single NPS scores and show the importance of a more in-depth approach.

Tracking improvement over time

By providing a benchmark NPS score for our clients, we can help support efforts to improve rates of customer satisfaction and advocacy by tracking changes over time.

These show the impact of changes being made, as well as issues caused by changes in seasonal demand, service levels or other events (e.g., the increase in remote working).

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Combining NPS with other insights

While Net Promoter Score is a simple indicator of changes in customer recommendation, it is also valuable to understand ‘why’.  Therefore, we work with clients to place NPS within a wider context to increase its value.

We use tools to show other indicators of how frequently brands are being recommended to new customers. Looking at measures such as Share of Click around certain online search terms, for example, can be a valuable addition to NPS scores.

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