PR Measurement and Evaluation


Our PR measurement and evaluation services allow clients to evidence the true impact of their campaigns and earned media profile.

In-house PR teams work with us to provide an independent assessment of PR, looking at both the commercial and reputation impact of PR campaigns. Our reports also provide guidance on how to use PR more effectively to achieve an organisation’s objectives, helping shape future PR strategy and briefs.

For PR agencies and consultancies, we provide outsourced research, measurement, and evaluation services to supplement their own reporting of results. Our industry-leading approach proves the impact of their client’s investment in PR, showing clear ROI and change in key commercial and reputation metrics. We help with pitch preparation, providing valuable market and brand analysis to shape recommendations, also on designing bespoke measurement and evaluation frameworks.

We work collaboratively with clients, using measurement and evaluation to create a process on continuous improvement. Building on the successes of the past and evolving the objectives of future campaigns.

By placing these results in their proper context, showing change from previous performance and in comparison to competitors, our PR measurement and evaluation communicates the relevance of PR to all stakeholders including sales, marketing, and senior leadership teams.

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A flexible framework for PR measurement and evaluation

We apply a consistent framework to all PR measurement and evaluation, showing how PR results relate to wider organisational goals and objectives. There is considerable flexibility within this framework to allow the most appropriate techniques to be applied in each case.

Our extensive measurement and evaluation toolbox allows us to pick the method best suited to each campaign and client. These will differ as to the desired outcome to be achieved, for example whether the client is looking for an impact on sales or, alternatively, a change in customer perception or behaviour.

This flexibility is crucial to ensuring that the method of measurement remains true to the original intention of the campaign.

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Training for PR professionals on PR measurement and evaluation

As well as providing PR measurement and evaluation services, we offer training for PR teams on how to structure the assessment and reporting of their activity.

This normally takes the form of a day or half-day training session, using practical examples based on your current PR activity and campaigns, and is designed to create an industry best-practice approach that can be applied across all future work.

It also gives all team members a thorough foundation in PR measurement and evaluation techniques as well as the resources and tools they can access to supplement current reporting methods.