Sensu Insight training to help transform Whiteoaks International’s PR measurement 

Sensu Insight training to help transform Whiteoaks International’s PR measurement 

In the ever-evolving landscape of public relations (PR), the ability to align PR measurement with real-world business outcomes is paramount. You might be landing stellar, stand-out coverage, but what does it really mean? 

Our Sensu Insight Academy is dedicated to equipping PR professionals with the skills and knowledge to measure and communicate impact effectively. Most recently, we delivered an intensive training day for the senior team at Whiteoaks International, a PR agency based in Hampshire.  

Whiteoaks takes a ‘set fees for set outcomes’ approach, meaning precise measurement is essential to their PR practice. As such, the session was designed to better equip participants with the skills to articulate advanced measurement approaches, enhance existing evaluation systems, and demonstrate to clients the intricate relationship between PR efforts and commercial success.  

Objectives of the day 

The main objective of the training day was to help the Whiteoaks team better leverage their existing measurement and evaluation approach, enabling them to apply it effectively throughout the client lifecycle — from taking a brief to strategic reviews.  

The team also learned to plan an enhanced measurement strategy aligned with the agency brand, distinguishing standard services from premium upsell opportunities. 

Establishing the basics  

The day kicked off by diving into the challenges and opportunities of applying the AMEC Framework – the industry ‘gold standard’ of PR measurement – in real-world scenarios. This foundation session explored the criteria for effective measurement and how using this framework can support client relationships and activities. From the outset, each participant outlined their personal goals and expectations for the day, helping us to ensure that the training was tailored to their specific needs and aspirations. 

Mapping out the current approach and identifying gaps 

Through a collaborative group exercise, we assessed the current PR measurement approaches at Whiteoaks. This interactive session was instrumental in identifying what was working well, as well as gaps in knowledge and areas for improvement, laying the groundwork for us to help optimise their strategies. The goal was to help increase the perceived value of current techniques, making them more effective and client-friendly. Participants engaged in discussions on refining their processes to deliver more impactful results for their clients. 

Introducing reputation measurement 

Of course, protecting and enhancing reputation is critical when it comes to PR success, and the next session provided participants with an in-depth understanding of reputation measurement. We covered benchmarking methods and ways to track reputation enhancement, illustrating learnings with real-life examples to demonstrate practical applications. This session underscored the importance of reputation as a key performance indicator in PR – and how to evaluate it. 

Measuring PR’s commercial impact 

The final technical session of the day focused on the commercial value of PR. Participants discussed various commercial KPIs, measurement techniques, and how to demonstrate PR’s impact on sales. This comprehensive session highlighted the potential for showcasing PR’s tangible business benefits, particularly crucial when demonstrating value to client stakeholders beyond the marketing department. 

Our commitment to the PR profession 

Our Sensu Insight Academy is designed to help clients demonstrate the business value and professionalism of PR as a corporate function. As well as delivering comprehensive training days, Sensu Insight offers follow-up training sessions via Zoom, addressing specific skills or training needs identified during the training day, ensuring that clients like Whiteoaks can continually refine and enhance their PR measurement strategies, staying ahead in the ever-evolving PR landscape. 

Interested in booking a training day for your agency?  


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