Sensu Insight’s new PR Impact Reporting service for agencies and in-house teams

Sensu Insight’s new PR Impact Reporting service for agencies and in-house teams

Sensu Insight has launched a comprehensive package of services to help PR teams demonstrate the true impact and real-world business outcomes of their work.

Public relations has traditionally been perceived as difficult to quantify from a commercial perspective. But in today’s business landscape, evaluating results and proving return on investment (ROI) to decision-makers is more important than ever.

Impact Reporting is designed to help identify and articulate the connection between PR outputs and business results. With this in mind, the new service features a first for PR measurement and evaluation with Sensu’s new attribution tool. The software allows Sensu to show the impact of brand profile on business metrics such as site traffic and commercial goals (such as new business leads and sales).

Sensu’s bespoke Impact Reports are tailored to each client’s business objectives and can measure the impact of PR and brand profile on:

· Reputation – visibility, understanding, brand association, and brand strengths

· Behaviour – attributing audience response and reaction

· Sales – attributing new leads, enquiries, sales, and sale values

· Market share – market share of voice, share of search, share of category (for products or services)

· Influence – influence on a specific topic or issue

Attribution – a first for PR measurement

Developed by Sensu’s in-house team, the new attribution tool allows PRs to attribute audience behaviours to the brand profile created by their campaigns (whether from media coverage or social media visibility). For example, this can involve reporting on the actual number of site visitors that can be attributed to PR.

Examining peaks and indicative fluctuations in key metrics, Sensu can also track profile by specific campaigns, sources, and messages. This means that PR pros can demonstrate which types of profile are most successfully creating impact.

This insight not only helps to assess return on investment but also helps to inform future PR activity. Meanwhile, in-house teams and agency pros can demonstrate that PR decisions and budget recommendations are founded on genuine insight to wider business stakeholders.

PR’s influence on business objectives and outcomes

Steve Leigh, MD of Sensu Insight, explains: “Public relations is a professional service that can drive real commercial results. Our goal is to help show the impact of PR on real-world

business outcomes, enabling colleagues beyond the marketing function to better understand how PR is contributing towards objectives.

“Our Impact Reports are tailored to each organisation’s goals, whether that involves enhancing reputation, increasing sales, or influencing customer behaviour.

“Our approach is built on over a decade of experience working with leading organisations across sectors from retail and education to banking and transport, helping them to gain better insights and improve performance.”

Impact measurement for agencies and in-house teams

Sensu is already experienced in working with PR agencies and in-house communications teams to demonstrate the impact of campaigns. Here’s what some clients had to say about Sensu’s work:

Claire Southgate, Royal Society of Chemistry

“We have been working with Sensu’s team since our brand refresh in 2019. The quarterly insight is invaluable to understand where our messages are getting cut through with our varied audiences, and in developing our external communications campaigns. It’s great to be able to use this insight to evolve our organisational messaging and focus, because we know what reinforces our brand for our audiences.”

Lee Cullen, No Brainer (PR and Digital Agency):

“We’ve worked with Sensu’s team for a number of years and their knowledge of measurement and evaluation is second to none. We pride ourselves on our approach to reporting and evaluation for our clients, and Sensu works with us to provide an extra, independent level of analysis that highlights additional outcomes and impact from our work.”

Impact reports tailored to your specific objectives

We create measurement and evaluation that is as personalised as your organisation’s unique mission and vision.

We work closely with each client to define their organisational objectives and goals. Our experienced team then tailors the Impact Report to track and measure the metrics that matter most to you. This level of customisation ensures that the insights you receive are not only meaningful but also directly applicable to your strategic decision-making.

Charting impact: your custom reports and dashboards

We believe that accessing and analysing insights should be as seamless as the decision-making that follows.

Our Impact Reports are designed for effortless navigation, ensuring that you can make the most of the data. Whether you prefer simple, comprehensive reports or live, interactive dashboards, our delivery options cater to your preferences. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to explore the data and gain a deep understanding of the impact that your PR efforts are having in real time.

Maximising impact: data-driven support for success

At Sensu Insight, we believe in delivering more than just data – we offer actionable strategies that help drive results. Our team of data experts and communication professionals collaborates closely with you to turn insights into better outcomes. We help you to refine PR campaigns, optimise messaging, and enhance your market presence.

With Sensu Insight, your organisation can gain a competitive edge and a pathway to success.

Get in touch to find out more about how we could help turn insights into impactful actions for your business.

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