Sensu Reports: Valuable Insights for Your Brand


At Sensu, we provide a range of reporting solutions to help you gain insights into your brand’s reputation, marketing impact, target market, ESG practices, and employer branding efforts. Our reports are divided into two categories: Standard Reports and Specialist Reports.

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Standard Reports (for all organisations, brands, markets)

Sensu Brand Reporting: Provides valuable insights into your brand performance, audience sentiment, and reputation trends. This reporting includes traditional stakeholder research with detailed digital analysis of social media, news, and other public sources to give you a comprehensive overview of your brand’s profile and reputation.
Sensu Impact Reporting: Measures the impact of your brand’s marketing and PR efforts to assesses how well they align with your business goals. This report provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing and PR campaigns and helps you optimise your communication strategies.
Sensu Market Reporting: Provides a comprehensive analysis of your target market, including consumer behaviour and attitudes, trends, and competition. This report helps you make informed decisions about market opportunities and challenges.
Sensu Competitor Reporting: Provides a detailed insight on your competitors in your market and tracks their performance both historically and in real-time. It helps you identify where you rank against your competitors and the areas for improvement. The reporting includes brand awareness and understanding amongst target customers, commercial impact of their profile (Share of Click), sentiment and attributes associated with each brand.

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Specialist Reports (for specific needs and purposes)

Sensu ESG Reporting: Provides insights into your organisation’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, as well as your overall sustainability performance. This report helps you meet ESG reporting requirements and communicate your sustainability efforts to stakeholders.
Sensu Risk Reporting: Helps you proactively manage and mitigate corporate reputation risks, including live monitoring and reporting of emerging risks and reputation issues. This report provides analysis of sentiment and emotion, as well as association with terms in six reputation risk dictionaries (financial, ESG, operational, communications, leadership, and regulatory).
Sensu Employer Brand Reporting: Measures the effectiveness of your employer branding efforts and assesses how well they align with your recruitment and retention goals. This report provides insights into the perceptions of current and potential employees, as well as areas for improvement.
Sensu Social Impact Reporting: Assesses the value of your company’s impact by using a framework approach tailored to your project, helping you understand the social, economic, and environmental value of your activities. This report offers many benefits, including facilitating strategic discussions, helping you target appropriate resources, identifying common ground between your organisation and stakeholders, and raising the profile of your project and its value.

Working with Sensu:

At Sensu, we work with both agencies and in-house teams to provide valuable insights into corporate reputation, brand performance, and marketing effectiveness.

Working with Agencies:

We partner with agencies to provide an additional layer of support and expertise for their clients. Our reports can be fully customized and white-labelled to fit seamlessly into an agency’s existing offerings. We also offer training and support to agency teams to ensure they are able to get the most out of our services.

Working with In-House Teams:

We work with in-house teams to provide a comprehensive understanding of their corporate reputation and brand performance. Our reports are designed to be accessible and actionable, allowing in-house teams to make informed decisions and improve their reputation and marketing strategies. We also offer ongoing support and consultation to ensure our clients are able to effectively manage and mitigate any reputation risks.

Sensu Insight Academy:

Sensu Insight Academy is a comprehensive training program designed to build the capability of in-house and agency teams in the measurement and evaluation of PR and communications. We offer a range of courses that cover various aspects of measurement and evaluation, including media monitoring, social media measurement, impact reporting, and more. Our courses are designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to measure the effectiveness of their communication strategies and demonstrate the value of their PR activities.

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