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Sensu Competitor Reporting: The Key to Unlocking Your Competitive Edge

Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of your competitors and get ahead in your market? At Sensu, we provide a comprehensive competitor reporting service that gives you the insights you need to gain a competitive advantage.

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Our Competitor Reporting Service

Our competitor reporting service provides a deep dive into your market, analysing your competitors’ performance and giving you the insights you need to stay ahead. We offer a range of features that will help you understand the market better, including:

Real-time Tracking: With our custom dashboards, you can track your competitors’ performance in real-time, giving you a constant pulse on the market.
Customized Email Alerts: We’ll send you customized email alerts to tell you about what your competitors are doing and how their reputation is evolving. These can be sent to relevant members of your team, tailored for each team to only include information that’s relevant to their needs.
Brand Awareness and Understanding: We’ll help you understand your competitors’ brand awareness and perception among your target audience. You’ll get insights into their customer journey and how you can improve yours.
Share of Click: We’ll analyse your competitors’ commercial impact to help you understand how they’re performing in the market. You’ll get insights into their share of clicks and how it compares to yours.
Sentiment Analysis: We’ll give you a comprehensive view of the sentiment associated with your competitors’ brands, helping you understand how their customers feel about them.
Attributes Analysis: Our reports will help you evaluate your competitors on attributes such as value for money, quality, choice of products, sustainability, and more. You’ll be able to see how they’re performing in different areas and identify where you can gain an edge.
Real-time and Historical Performance: Our reports provide real-time and historical data on your competitors’ performance, helping you identify trends and opportunities for growth.

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Case Studies

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our clients gain a competitive edge:

Decathlon: We provided Decathlon with competitor analysis reports for its full range of sports, tracking its brand against a unique competitor set in each.

Langleys Solicitors: We tracked brand profile for its legal services with local markets.

Myrkl: We tracked the impact of its launch compared to other products across all of its international markets.

“The insights that the Sensu team provide us are an integral part of our marketing strategy. Whether it’s research that helps us segment the market, target the right people and position our offering, or analysis of what’s on the mind of particular audiences, they help us get under the skin of our B2B and B2C customers and deliver campaigns that grow the business.”

Lee Grunnell
Director of Marketing & Business Development,
Langleys Solicitors


Our Competitor Reporting Process

At Sensu, we have a data-driven approach to competitor reporting. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business needs and provide a tailored solution that meets your requirements. Our process includes the following steps:

Discovery: We’ll work with you to understand your business, your competitors, and your goals.
Data Collection: We’ll collect data from a range of sources, including social media, news, and other public sources.
Analysis: Our team will analyse the data and provide insights into your competitors’ performance, brand awareness, sentiment, and attributes.
Reporting: We’ll provide you with a comprehensive report that includes insights and recommendations for how to gain a competitive advantage.

Our reporting is designed to be accessible and actionable, helping you make informed decisions about your business strategy.

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