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Are you interested in understanding how your organization is perceived by your current employees and potential recruits?
Do you want to know how your employer brand profile compares to equivalent employers and how it is seen by priority target groups?

Our Sensu Employer Brand Reporting can help you answer these questions.

We work with HR teams and specialist employer brand agencies to develop tracking of employer brand, to better inform and target your recruitment campaigns.

These insights will help shape future communications for regional recruitment and refine your employer brand proposition. They will also act as benchmarks against which to measure the impact of future employer brand campaigns.

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Methods and Source:

The research will consist of an employer brand survey targeting people working in specific careers across key conurbations. We will also carry out a digital analysis of your employer brand profile, looking at both its overall profile and its profile related to each of the target conurbations. We will analyse profile for your organisation, chosen competitors or peers, and the topic of specific careers as a whole.

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What we Measure

Visibility to Prospects: How visible is your organization as an employer within these conurbations? What is driving profile for your specific careers – e.g. key events, news announcements? What is the profile within target media (e.g. IT / Tech media) likely to be read by potential applicants? What activity is most successful at getting in front of this audience?

Employer Brand Association: What themes and attributes are associated with the employer and how are these associations changing over time e.g. in response to campaigns or events?

Sentiment and Emotion: What is the balance between positive and negative sentiment for key aspects of the employer brand? These can be tailored to reflect your priorities e.g. leadership, management, company performance, pay.

Company Attributes: What is the strength of association / and what is driving association with the employer brand attributes your organisation is seeking to strengthen?

We profile against:

Compassion: supportive and caring culture
Inspiration: engaging and motivating
Competence: sector expertise
Quality: employer of choice
Any specific attributes relevant to your organisation.

Influencers: Which channels are having the most impact on your employer brand and how is this evolving over time e.g. in response to specific campaigns or events? These can be segmented as required – for example: owned media, earned media, review sites, industry forums.

Benchmarking: All of the above will be benchmarked against the sector as a whole and against relevant alternative employers.

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How we work

Sensu collaborates with specialist employer brand agency Thirty Three to develop tracking of its clients employer brands, with a specific focus on the tech industry.

The research involved a survey targeting people working in IT careers across several key conurbations outside of London. It also included a digital analysis of the clients profiles, showing how they are talked about and seen by both employees and potential recruits.

The survey panel was drawn from a group of UK and Irish adults working in IT roles. The panel was carefully selected to achieve the desired profile in terms of age, gender, and other demographics.

The digital analysis captured all visible references to client’s brands within online content and conversation. Tracking back over 12 months to provide a comprehensive picture of how the brand is perceived.

The insights generated from this research provided invaluable information on how successfully clients’ current employer brand profile matched the key motivators for tech professionals.

This helped shape future communications for regional recruitment and refine the employer brand propositions. It also acted as a benchmark against which to measure the impact of future employer brand campaigns.

Sensu’s Employer Brand Reporting service can help your organization achieve similar results by providing detailed analysis of your employer brand reputation in key areas and against your competitors.

With metrics covering everything from visibility to prospects and sentiment analysis, this service provides the insights you need to improve your employer brand and attract the right talent.

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