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Increasing Effectiveness of ESG Communications

Sensu Insight’s ESG Reporting service helps organizations track the impact of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) communications and activities on stakeholder attitudes and beliefs. By providing insights into share of voice across ESG topics, Sensu Insight helps organisations to understand their impact on stakeholders and identify areas for improvement.

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What is ESG Reporting?

ESG reporting is a method of tracking and reporting on an organisation’s performance across environmental, social, and governance metrics. ESG metrics provide a holistic view of a company’s impact on society and the environment, beyond just financial performance. ESG reporting helps organisations to identify areas for improvement and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices.

Tracking Share of Voice

Sensu Insight’s ESG Reporting service helps organizations to understand their share of voice across ESG topics. By tracking the impact of influencers and issues, Sensu Insight provides organisations with insights into how they can improve their ESG communications and activities. Sensu Insight’s ESG Reporting service also provides organizations with a profile across ESG topics, showing their share of voice relative to competitors and peers.

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Best Practice for ESG Communications

Effective ESG communications require a deep understanding of stakeholder expectations and concerns. Sensu Insight’s research report, “50 Shades of Greenwashing,” provides best practices for creating effective ESG communications. The report highlights the importance of transparency, authenticity, and relevance in ESG communications. Organisations that follow these best practices are more likely to build trust with stakeholders and achieve their ESG goals.

Sensu Insight’s Work with World Economic Forum: Roadmap for Better Communications of REDD+

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has partnered with Sensu Insight to release a report on how jurisdictional REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) schemes are viewed globally by the public and key stakeholders.

REDD+ is a program that stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation. It is an international initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by preventing deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries. Jurisdictional REDD+ (JREDD+) schemes are approaches to REDD+ that involve cooperation between local governments, private companies, and communities to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable land use practices.

The report is part of a wider initiative to increase uptake of jurisdictional approaches to reducing deforestation and preserving natural environments.

Findings and Roadmap for Better Communications

The report benchmarks the past decade of public opinion to determine evolving public perceptions of JREDD+ schemes and create a framework for improving stakeholder awareness and advocacy.

Through the research, the report produces a roadmap for improving understanding and awareness around how JREDD+ solutions are seen and talked about by all stakeholders. By examining both the challenges and opportunities facing REDD+ and JREDD+ projects, advocates can better support the next phase of their mission to increase uptake of REDD+ and JREDD+ projects and programs.


Increasing Awareness and Education

Lucy Almond, Strategic Communications Director, Nature Pillar, at the World Economic Forum, said, “This research project gave us a clear direction for our REDD+ work, in maintaining and improving how REDD+ schemes are viewed by new and existing audiences. Increasing awareness and education is key to the ongoing goal of managing and improving reputation, clearly demonstrating the critical role REDD+ schemes have the vast potential to play in reducing deforestation, forest degradation and lowering emissions, to the benefit of all.”

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