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Helping Brands Navigate Fast-Moving Markets

At Sensu, we offer market insight reporting to help brands and businesses better understand their share of voice within target markets. Our service provides a comprehensive understanding of the key issues and influencers driving audience perception and behaviours, allowing our clients to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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What is Share of Voice?

Share of voice is a metric that measures the amount of conversation a brand or business generates compared to its competitors within a specific market. By analysing the frequency and quality of online mentions, social media activity, and other relevant metrics, we can provide our clients with valuable insights into their market position and brand reputation.

Understanding Commercial Impact: Share of Click

In addition to measuring a brand’s share of voice, Sensu Market Insight Reporting also helps businesses understand their share of click. Share of click is the percentage of clicks that a brand or business receives in relation to its competitors.

By analssing a brand’s share of click, businesses can gain insights into the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies and the impact of their online presence on their target audiences. This information can help businesses make data-driven decisions about their online advertising budgets, website design and user experience, and social media marketing campaigns.

At Sensu, we understand the importance of measuring both share of voice and share of click. By combining these metrics, we can provide a comprehensive view of a brand’s digital performance and its impact on the market.

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Sensu Market Insight Reporting Case Study: Total Fitness

We work with Total Fitness, a UK network of health clubs, to help them navigate a fast-moving market through the most challenging times.

Our market insight reporting allowed Total Fitness to:

Listen to its communities about how their relationship to fitness and health clubs had changed as a result of the pandemic.
Understand the needs and attitudes of its audiences to help reshape its offering and guide communications activity, as well as to help understand its level of risk from the cost-of-living crisis to membership levels.
Improve its ability to refocus its business development and engage with members and potential members, helping to grow the business and inform investment.

Assisted by our market insight reporting, Total Fitness is able to adapt to changing market conditions and continue to provide valuable services to its members.


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