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Sensu Risk Reporting – Monitor and Mitigate Corporate Reputation Risk

Are you concerned about corporate reputation risk? You’re not alone. According to Deloitte’s research on corporate reputation risk, 87% of executives rate reputation risk as more important or much more important than other strategic risks.

At Sensu, we understand the importance of monitoring and mitigating corporate reputation risk. Our Sensu Risk Reporting service helps you track potential risks and ongoing events, including live monitoring and reporting if required. By doing so, we help guide decision making and communications while keeping internal stakeholders informed.

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Live and Emerging Risk Monitoring

Our team of experts proactively tracks live and emerging risks by monitoring brand profiles for sentiment and emotion. We use dictionaries to compare the sentiment and emotion of brand profiles, as well as their association with terms in six reputation risk categories: financial, ESG, operational, communications, leadership, and regulatory.

Comments from Forums and Review Sites

In addition to tracking brand profiles, we also monitor comments from forums and review sites. This helps us track which themes and issues are delighting or disappointing stakeholders, allowing for quick action to mitigate risks and improve reputation.

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Proactive Monitoring Against the 6 Areas of Corporate Reputation Risk

We understand that corporate reputation risk is not a one-size-fits-all concept, and that different companies face different types of risks depending on their industry and other factors.

That’s why we proactively monitor the six most common areas of corporate reputation risk:

Financial Risk – Our risk monitoring services help you detect profile for financial risks such as accounting irregularities, fraud, insider trading, and other financial mismanagement issues.
ESG Risk – We monitor perceptions for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, including issues such as supply chain management, labour practices, environmental impact, and other social responsibility issues.
Operational Risk – Our monitoring helps you detect operational reputation risks such as product recalls, supply chain disruptions, data breaches, and other operational vulnerabilities.
Communications Risk – We help you track the sentiment of your brand by monitoring online forums, review sites, and social media. We also help you track themes and issues that are delighting or disappointing stakeholders.
Leadership Risk – Our monitoring services detect issues with leadership risks such as executive misconduct, conflicts of interest, and other ethical violations.
Regulatory Risk – We monitor perceptions for regulatory risks such as compliance issues, regulatory changes, and other legal issues that could impact your business.

Customized Reporting

We provide customised reporting based on your needs, including weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. Our reports provide an analysis of trends and themes in reputation risks, along with recommendations for mitigating risks and improving reputation.

In addition to customsed reporting, we can also set up real-time email alerts that flag up when risk themes increase in visibility or when overall brand sentiment or emotion declines above a set threshold.

This allows you to stay ahead of potential risks and take swift action to mitigate any negative impact on your corporate reputation.

Our reporting and alerts can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Sensu Risk Reporting helps communication teams dealing with risk management keep internal stakeholders informed.

Don’t let corporate reputation risk go unchecked.

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