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students at university

Universities UK partners with Sensu Insight to launch industry-first higher education perception tracker

The Universities Sector Tracker is designed to help revolutionise how the higher education sector monitors its profile and public perceptions, informing strategy and helping to navigate key issues affecting institutions nationwide.


What’s in a Name? The Power of Sensu

At Sensu, our name is much more than just a brand. It’s a reflection of the work we do and the values we hold. Derived from the Latin word “sensu,” which means “in the sense of,” our name represents our commitment to providing our clients with a true sense of what’s happening in their industries, markets, and audiences.


Social listening tools: Finding the right balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness

As businesses, it is important to monitor brand reputation and keep track of customer sentiment towards your products or services. One way to achieve this is through social listening tools, which allow businesses to track and analyse mentions of their brand on social media platforms, news outlets, and other online sources. However, the reality of…


Brand reputation management: How to measure and improve your company’s standing

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, understanding your company’s reputation and the perception of your brand among customers, stakeholders, and the public is essential for success.

Public opinion polls and surveys

Opinion Poll / Surveys: Your Chance to Take the Public Mood

How often have you wanted to ask a question through a public opinion poll or survey? Whether to settle an argument, satisfy your curiosity or simply because you NEED to know? Well, now’s your chance. The SensuSurveySays mission is to provide the answers to the BIG, BIG questions. Submit your suggestions here. We’ll pick our…

Brand Research of Premier League

Brand Research: Supporter Data Shows FA Cup’s Global Reach

Global brand research shows how English football transcends borders, with an impressive following in countries across the world. When Chelsea and Liverpool take to the pitch for this year’s FA Cup final, they will be watched by a global audience of up to 500 million fans, demonstrating the international pulling power of top Premier League…

Impact on Business Reputation of War in Ukraine

Ukraine: Swift Business Response Boosts Reputation

Reputation Tracking Shows Uplift for McDonald’s, Mastercard and Coca-Cola The war in Ukraine sparked the largest state boycott by businesses and consumers since apartheid era South Africa. What made it even more remarkable was the speed of response within heavily globalised sectors and interwoven economies. Pressure on business leaders to react to public outrage, and…

Share of Voice in Digital Markets

What is Share of Voice? How Does it Relate to PR Measurement and Evaluation?

Share of voice (SOV) is a term used by those measuring a brand’s profile. It determines the extent to which it is visible within a market. Traditionally it has referred to a brand’s share of the paid advertising in its marketplace. However, growing access to digital data allows Share of Voice to be applied to…

Share of Search

Share of Search and Beyond: A Guide to Harnessing Digital Measurement

Our first project as one of the founding members of the PRCA Innovation Forum has been to collaborate on a guide to the growth of digital metrics for the measurement and evaluation of PR and marketing campaigns. The resulting report, ‘Beyond Share of Search’, is a valuable introduction to the topic and its basic principles.…