Universities UK partners with Sensu Insight to launch industry-first higher education perception tracker

Universities UK partners with Sensu Insight to launch industry-first higher education perception tracker

With higher education at the forefront of public and political discourse, understanding stakeholder perceptions is more crucial to the sector than ever. Recognising this imperative, Universities UK (UUK), the leading voice of universities in the UK, is collaborating with Sensu Insight to develop a groundbreaking tool.

The Universities Sector Tracker is designed to help revolutionise how the higher education sector monitors its profile and public perceptions, informing strategy and helping to navigate key issues affecting institutions nationwide.

What is the Universities Sector Tracker?

The innovative tool has been launched at a critical time for the sector, with issues around post-pandemic recovery efforts, value for money, and international recruitment high on the public agenda.

By harnessing the power of real-time data analytics, Sensu Insight will provide invaluable intelligence to UUK, identifying emerging themes and trends in how universities are perceived by the public. This intelligence will not only inform strategic decision-making processes within institutions, but will also help to facilitate more meaningful engagement with stakeholders, from students to policymakers.

Influencing education campaigns

The collaboration between UUK and Sensu Insight is already underway. Through an initial benchmarking phase, insights from the tracker have influenced some of UUK’s ongoing initiatives, such as the 100 Faces – First in Family campaign. This campaign, which highlights the stories of first-generation students and graduates, underscores the transformative impact of higher education when it comes to social mobility.

Empowering universities with the data to do more

Looking ahead, Sensu Insight will continue to provide regular reports and real-time monitoring of UUK campaigns and industry-relevant issues. This ongoing partnership approach ensures that the sector remains agile and responsive, equipped with the most up-to-date information to shape its communication strategies effectively.

The benefits of this collaboration also extend beyond UUK, with individual institutions gaining access to comprehensive data to track their own profiles and impacts. This democratisation of data empowers universities to benchmark themselves against peers and adapt their strategies in alignment with broader sector trends.

Pioneering industry-wide change

Understanding evolving conversations is integral to an effective communications strategy and informed decision-making. Sensu’s work to provide universities with a deeper understanding of the landscape in which they operate will help ensure they are equipped with the intel to navigate emerging issues.

Julian Roberts, client liaison for the project at UUK, said:

“With access to comprehensive data and trends, universities will be much better equipped to understand their position within the broader higher education landscape and among peer institutions. We’ll also garner a better understanding of conversations taking place and issues coming to light at a systemic level, enabling us to respond in a more informed way.

“Our partnership with Sensu Insight ensures that we have the most up-to-date information and can be responsive, making decisions that support stakeholders and, ultimately, the industry’s reputation and efficacy in turn.”

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